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Book Gobble was created by voracious readers, who especially enjoy reading non-fiction books on the topics of Personal Development (Self Help), Psychology. We believe that everyone, whether you're a person or a turkey, has untapped potential that can be realized through reading and learning.

The real challenge now is the sheer amount of information that exists. It can be intimidating just to determine which book would be most helpful to you. Beyond that, given the ever-increasing pace of life, it can be difficult to take the time to read books like this -- and especially to read them in a reasonable amount of time. We help you to digest the most important pieces of these books and gobble them up quickly. Of course, we recommend that once you've read our summaries, you purchase books that you like so that you don't miss any key details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if the book I want to read is not on Book Gobble?

We take pride in the wide selection of books we have available. That said, even turkeys get tired and and take time for tranquility, tucking their tired talons away, turning to tasteful treats and taking time to play. That said, contact us and submit a request to add the book you'd like us to summarize. We can't promise that we'll do it right away, but we'll definitely consider it. The more requests we have for a given book the more likely we are to add it.

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